Wendy’s Employees Fired After Video Shows One Of Them Bathing In Kitchen Sink

Written by Deja Monet February 14, 2020

A group of Wendy’s employees was fired after they uploaded a video of their coworker bathing inside of a kitchen sink.

According to Click Detroit, the video shows the employee bathing in a kitchen sink at the Wendy’s on N.Lafayette Street in Greenville, Michigan. As the person continues to bathe themselves, another employee talks to them. He says “It feels like a hot tub. I’m just enjoying life.”

Officials reported that the video was uploaded to TikTok then shared on Facebook.

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A statement from franchise owner Team Schostak Family Restaurants said all employees were fired from the location after they discovered the video:

“This egregious behavior is completely unacceptable and counter to our safety, training and operational standards. Upon learning of this situation, all employees in the video were terminated immediately and the restaurant has been completely sanitized. The health department visited the restaurant today and no violations were reported.”

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The video was viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook. A similar incident occurred with a man taking a bath at a Wendy’s kitchen sink in Florida. Their video was also shared on Twitter garnering thousands of views.