Woman Leaves Hibachi Restaurant With First-Degree Burns On Her Face

Written by Deja Monet February 14, 2020
Photo Credit: KATV

An Arkansas woman’s birthday celebration landed her in the hospital after the hibachi grill allegedly exploded in her face.

The New York Post reports Samantha Myers was celebrating her 26th birthday at the Kimono Japanese Steak House Sunday when the chef attempted a birthday trick. He drew a heart on the grill with a clear liquid and lit it but the flames flew into Myers’ face while setting himself on fire at the same time. She rushed to the bathroom to wash her face but she discovered the flames burned her eyelashes and hair off.

“It happened so fast, I kind of just jumped back and I was like, ‘I’m on fire,’”

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Although the employees didn’t rush to help her out with the incident, the restaurant paid for her meal. Doctors reported that Myers’ sustained second-degree burns on her neck and chest. On Tuesday,  she received treatment for an infection on her eyelids.

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Myers’ stated that the entire ordeal has caused her to feel drained “emotionally and physically” and she plans to file a lawsuit.

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