Comme des Garçons Apologizes For Cornrow Wigs After Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Written by Deja Monet January 19, 2020
Photo Credit: Getty Images

A hairstylist for the Japanese fashion brand Comme des Garçons has issued an apology after receiving criticism of placing cornrow wigs on their white models during Paris Fashion Week.

According to CNN, Comme des Garçons previewed its men’s fall/winter 2020 line this week where it showed their models wearing various outfits and accessories and a hairstyle that stood out. The majority of their white male models were wearing cornrows ranging from blonde hair to black hair, leading to a backlash from the public. The brand was also criticized for placing the wigs on the models’ heads like a hat instead of properly installing them. Hairstylist Julien d’Ys said they were inspired by ancient Egyptian princes and formally issued an apology on Instagram:

Dear all, My inspiration for the comme des garçons show was Egyptian prince A Look i found truly beautiful and inspirational. A look that was an hommage. Never was it my intention to hurt or offend anyone, ever. If I did I deeply apologize.”
Some of the comments criticized the brand for relying on the negative attention towards the wigs while others noted how ridiculous the hairstyle looked overall:

Press play to see their previous show for their Summer/Spring collection and let us know your thoughts with Yappa.