Man Fatally Stabs Trump Supporting Boss During Political Debate

Written by Deja Monet January 21, 2020
Photo Credit: Youtube

A Florida man with anti-government views was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after he fatally stabbed his boss during a political argument.

According to ABC Action News, Mason Toney,28, was arrested and charged for the fatal stabbing of William Knight on Monday as reported by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. An arrest affidavit states that Toney and Knight were having an argument surrounding their political views before the deadly stabbing. Knight picked up Toney before work and was driving to their different construction worksites on the Florida Turnpike when they started arguing. Afterward, several workers heard Knight crying for help near and spotted Toney standing over him.

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Co-workers explained to investigators that the two men were close friends outside of work despite their views. Toney believed the “government was out to get him” and Knight was an “upstanding American who was pro-Donald Trump.”

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When they tried to stop Toney, he jumped into a truck and fleed the scene. The group also found an American flag next to Knight’s body. Toney was arrested hours later in a neighboring county and charged with first-degree murder.

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