Lira Galore Seeks Restraining Order Against Quality Control CEO “Pee”

Written by Kecia Gayle January 22, 2020
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Lira Galore Seeks Restraining Order Against Quality Control CEO “Pee”

Model Lira Galore reportedly filed docs seeking a temporary protective order against her baby father, Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas, according to TMZ.

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Apparently, Galore believes Pee is threatening and unpredictable. She pointed out his “menacing behavior” during a court hearing last week for their custody battle for 9-month-old daughter Khaleesi. Lira reportedly says in new docs that because of the past alleged verbal and physical abuse, she’s terrified of Pee, and says his latest antics in court only intensified her fear.

In addition to that, she claims Pee kept trying to speak to her, including approaching her in an “intimidating nature” and attempted to get her phone number, the news site reports. It was also said that Pee blocked the doorway and harassed her when she and her lawyer tried to leave the room. Apparently, they had to get a deputy to escort her out of the building.

She’s now asking for a court order to keep Pee 100 yards away and to not have any contact with her.

This latest situation just adds to their nasty battle. However, Pete and Lira have denied all of the allegations against them.

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