Russell Wilson’s Mother Tammy Opens Up About Her Son Raising Future Zahir

Written by Alyssa Brook February 12, 2020
Photo Credit: Instagram

Russell Wilson’s Mother Tammy Opens Up About Her Son Raising Future Zahir

Russell Wilson and Ciara pretty much have the greatest marriage, and Wilson is definitely a great father!

Papa Russ has been there for Ciara’s son Future Zahir as though he was his own blood, loving him unconditionally and being an amazing dad.

According to a recent podcast, Russell’s mother, Tammy Wilson, shed light on the relationship when Ciara and Russell first began to date.

Tammy Wilson appeared on the Raising Fame podcast where she said,

“You would not know that Future is not his… When he first told me about her, he sent me this picture. I’m like, ‘She looks familiar.’ I didn’t really follow Ciara. I had seen a documentary or read an article about her. And I’m going to be honest with you. I did say something about–I’m a mom I love my kid. And I’m like, ‘Doesn’t she have a kid?’ He and I had conversations about that. I look at my own situation and how I was born, and so I can’t judge anybody. So I said to him, ‘Okay, if you’re really serious about it then you have to love that kid as if it were your own even if that means that you give that kid your name. If you’re going to be with someone who has a kid you can’t treat that kid any differently than if it were yours. So, who he selects is who he selects. That was my piece of advice to him on that…When it comes to Ciara, Russell loves everything.”

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