Pilot In Kobe Crash Was Not Allowed To Fly In Conditions Requiring Cockpit Instruments

Written by Deja Monet February 1, 2020
Photo Credit: Getty Images

A day after the charter company whose helicopter killed Kobe Bryant and his daughter along with seven others closed down their operations, it was discovered they were not certified to fly in conditions that require pilots to use cockpit instruments.

According to the Daily Mail, Indian Express Helicopters had authorized to allow pilot Ara Zobayan to fly despite him only having a license for instrument flying. The company did not have the necessary Federal Aviation Administration certification for pilots to use cockpit instruments and only had the certification to operate under visual flight rules.

The aircraft operated before the crash, the Sikorsky S-76B, is only equipped for instrument flying.

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Zobayan was permitted by air traffic controllers to fly in the foggy weather from Burbank airport. They instructed him to follow the freeway and to stay below 2,500 before the crash. 

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Former safety manager Kurt Deetz said in a statement that Zobayan might of have little experience in instrumental flying:

‘There is only one way you can be in the clouds, on an IFR (instrument flight rules) flight plan or by accident,’

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