Model Divorces Her Millionaire Husband After Spending His All Of His Money

Written by Deja Monet January 16, 2020
Photo Credit: Instagram

A Japanese model divorced her husband after she spent all of his money on designer clothing and jewelry.

The World of Buzz reports Kato Sari announced her divorce on Youtube earlier this week after being married to a millionaire real estate agent for a few months. The former couple started dating in May 2019 and got married in September of the same year. Kato allegedly spent $910,100 while dating her then-boyfriend and spent more money after tying the knot. She spent her ex-husband’s funds on designer bags, clothes, cars despite the man begging her to stop due to his company suffering from financial difficulties.

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Reportedly, Kato became unhappy with their situation and stated she did not understand why he allowed her to spend the money while they were dating but not after their marriage. She called the marriage a scam and said her ex-husband “cheated her to sign the papers.”

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She revealed that it was a fair exchange for her to spend money since women are expected to have babies while men work to provide for their families.

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