Instagram To Start Labelling Photoshopped Images With “False Information” Warning

Written by Kecia Gayle January 18, 2020
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Instagram To Start Labelling Photoshopped Images With “False Information” Warning

Things are about to get real on these Instagram feeds as it’s just been reported that the social media platform will be rolling out a new “false information” feature for photoshopped pics!

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Apparently, the new move is the company’s effort to combat misinformation and fake news. While some reports claim that the new feature will be implemented very soon, one San Francisco-based photographer, Toby Harriman noticed that it was already active. According to PetaPixel, Harriman says he was scrolling through his main Instagram feed a few days ago when he saw the “False Information” warning pop up for the first time.

After clicking through the post, Harriman found that it was simply a photo of a man standing on rainbow-colored mountains. “Looks like Instagram x Facebook will start tagging false photos/digital art,” Harriman wrote in an FB post, as he was considered that it would affect other photographers.

However, Instagram says, that the system uses “a combination of feedback from our community and technology” to identify which photos to pass onto third-party independent fact-checkers. Now, if those fact-checkers determine that a photo is fake, it will be hidden behind a warning message before anyone can even see it, PetaPixles quotes.

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