HU Exclusive: Giving You The Keys To “The App That Stole Christmas” Special Preview

Written by Alexyz Liggins December 18, 2019

Hollywood Unlocked was in the building for a special preview of “The App That Stole Christmas.”

The TCL theater was decked out in Christmas decorations as Break Out Music celebrated the special preview of their holiday movie “The App That Stole Christmas.”

This film stars Jackie Long, Miguel Nunez Jr., Ray J, J. Anthony Brown and so many more. 

While on the carpet, we spoke with the movies director, writers, CEO, and the actors.

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JQ The Legend who not only provided the soundtrack for the film, but stared in it all white being a writer and producer shared that the purpose of this early preview was to support a good cause.

“This preview is because we wanted to support the children’s foundation and to do something for the community. it’s Break Out Music’s first annual charity event and we want to continue to do it and give back to the communities.”

Break Out Music was founded in 2019 by JQ The Legend and his business partner Miriam Bavly with a bigger purpose in mind.

“We started as a music company and the whole idea behind going into film was so that we could put our music into our movies,” Bavly said.

This special preview was apart of Indie Night Film Festival which aims to support and promote independent films.

According to JQ The Legend, the full project is not expected out until 2020 and there is already a sequel in the works.

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