Grandfather Pays His Grandson $40 To Take Morphine Pill And Urinate In Cup For Drug Test

Written by Deja Monet January 24, 2020
Photo Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

An eleven-year-old boy from Mesa, Arizona was paid $40 by his grandfather to take a morphine pill and urinate in a cup so he could pass a drug test.

According to the Daily Mail, police were called to the boy’s school after he started to show symptoms of a drug overdose and vomited several times. He was rushed to a local hospital to receive treatment. Court documents state that the boy’s grandfather, John Davis, wanted to pass his drug test for marijuana but wanted to continue to take prescribed morphine pills.

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The child’s mother, Kiralee Arlene Ruck,29, and David have been arrested. Police charged Ruck with child abuse after she refused to take her son to the hospital after discovering that he took the pill then forced him to go to school.

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Reportedly, the boy had been taking white pills and urinating in a cup for over a year for $20 each time. However, he was given half of a stronger dose of a pink 30mg morphine pill. His grandmother knew something was wrong but Ruck stayed she didn’t know what to do and sent him to bed.

‘She said she did not know what to do and assumed he was getting better if he was vomiting.’

She also knew her stepfather was taking the pills because he overdosed several times and was revived by the local fire department. Davis was arrested on Wednesday and possessed marijuana along with two bottles of morphine pills. He told police that the child stole medication. Ruck is currently forbidden from contacting any of her children.

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