Exclusive: Bun Bydaway His Revolution Will Be Televised

Written by Alyssa Brook January 16, 2020

Bun Bydaway: His Revolution Will Be Televised

Bun, also known as Bun Bydaway hails from Murdertown, USA is also known as Wilmington, DE. Wilmington Delaware is an overlooked, underserved and underestimated community, with an abundance of individuals, talented but starved of resources, contacts, and networks. Its easier to become apart of the streets than it is to get into a college or university, easier to get approved for section 8 housing than it is to get approved for a small business grant.

Like other black men all over the country, Bun found himself at the mercy of our criminal justice system early on in life. Bun believes the system is created to recycle criminals for the purpose of oppression and profit, versus rehabilitating them and assisting them in finding opportunities for reformation. One in 31 adults in the United States is either behind bars, on parole, or on probation.

Bun served his time and paid his dues for his misguided decisions as an adolescent. However, the way that the system is formulated the time he served was not enough.

He was then put on probation after serving the time, in hopes that he would violate and be sent back to prison. Bun was on probation for a total of 11 years. Probation is just another way to keep an individual imprisoned without the bars. It will keep someone from traveling, obtaining jobs, and opportunity, almost forcing the individual back into a life of crime.

There is a call for prison reformation in this country, changing the corrupt ways of the prison system and Bun has accepted the call to make this problem more visible and make the people more aware. He has started by highlighting his own reformation in hopes to motivate and uplift the men in the same position he found himself in.

In July 2019, after 11 years, Bun was finally released from his probation sentence. He celebrated his newly found freedom by taking a trip to a place that for most people in his hometown, is out of sight, out of mind, and out of reach. He took this trip to Dubai to inspire those who feel shackled and held hostage to a system that is purposed to keep them down.

Mr. Bun Bydaway is now a serial entrepreneur, with multiple successful businesses and a source of motivation within his community. He has created opportunities by employing felons amongst other men in need of mentorship and opportunity.

You can see more of his progress and revolution in his upcoming documentary, set to release Spring 2020.

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