‘Emanuel,’ Remembering The Charleston Nine

Written by Alyssa Brook June 18, 2019

‘Emanuel,’ Remembering The Charleston Nine

Celebrities Buy Out Theaters For Charleston Church Shooting Documentary

As we surpass the fourth anniversary of the Charleston Church mass shooting, Brian Ivie releases a documentary titled “Emanuel” that sheds light on the nine lives lost at the hands of Dylan Roof.

The powerful documentary which is produced by Viola Davis, Steph Curry and Mariska Hargitay opens up the doors to forgiveness with powerful interviews of survivors and the family members of those who have passed.

The powerful combination of interviews, 911 calls, snippets of Dylan’s Roof life piece together the aftermath of a tragic event, but, also opens up our views on humanity as we see those affected forgive the man who took so much from them.

In theaters June 17 and 19 only, the 90-minute documentary looks back on the horrors that took place inside and outside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17, 2015, but it also shows the love in the community and the strength to stay together!