Drunk Mom Leaves Daughter Alone On Airplane To Offer Sex To A Stranger

Written by Deja Monet February 4, 2020

A British mother left her daughter alone on a flight to Turkey while she sat down next to a male passenger to solicit oral sex.

The New York Post reports Louise Whyte,38, appeared in court Monday about her case when she left her seven-year-old daughter alone on a flight to Turkey last May. Whyte decided to allegedly offer oral sex during the flight to a male passenger who bought her drinks at the bar at Manchester Airport before they boarded the plane.

Afterward, Whyte tried to perform the act while the stranger’s 11-year-old son was present and  “repeatedly offered to perform oral sex upon him and was touching his thigh and saying that she would put her jacket over her head,” as told by prosecutor Charlotte Crangle. She also tried to pull down her pants and underwear.

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After her arrest, Whyte told police that she was prescribed codeine and diazepam so she wasn’t aware of the side effects when she mixed her alcohol.  The male victim said Whyte followed him after they had two drinks at the bar and warned her not to get too drunk.

“He became concerned that she was becoming intoxicated and warned her not to become so drunk when she had her daughter to look after,”

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Her lawyer, Peter Horgan said his client was “embarrassed” by the situation and apologized for her actions. Whyte pleaded guilty to sexual assault while intoxicated and was sentenced to serve six months in jail but remains to have custody of her daughter.

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