Teens Pretend To Spill Coronavirus On NYC Subway

Written by Kecia Gayle February 12, 2020
Photo Credit: Screen Shot / IG

Teens Pretend To Spill Coronavirus On NYC Subway

While many people are already on edge over of the deadly coronavirus, two teens have decided to freak folks out even more with their “virus prank.”

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In a video shared to Instagram shows two boys sitting on a train in full-body hazmat suits pretending to spill a vat of COVID-19 on a packed subway. As passengers stare at them, one of the guys teases the people by opening up the container then spilling the fluid onto the ground.

Just a couple of passengers seemed to be really freaked out but other folks can be seen laughing as they knew it was just another prank, which are common on the New York City trains. So far, their now-viral video has surpassed 45,000 views and has over 400 comments.

While speaking with Insider, Morris Cordewell, 19, explained that “the first half [of the prank], people were kinda scared,” but “After we were like, ‘Yo, it’s a prank,’ people were laughing,” adding that a mother with her kids next to him “knew it was a joke the whole time.” His partner, David Flores, 17, said, “They kinda figured it out themselves.”

I don’t know about you guys but, I would’ve probably freaked out. Let us know how you think you would have reacted by uploading a video through our Yappa box below!

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