Peter Nygard Exposed, Allegedly Raped 10 Women & Paid Them To S*** On Him!

Written by Alyssa Brook February 14, 2020
Photo Credit: Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Peter Nygard Exposed, Allegedly Raped 10 Women & Paid Them To S*** On Him!

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Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has found himself in the center of a class-action lawsuit where ten women accuse the wealthy 77-year-old of raping them at his mansion in the Bahamas and operating a “sex trafficking ring.”

The women are seeking damages for the alleged rapes that occurred between 2008 to 2015. Three of the women claim that they were just 14 years old at the time of the alleged rapes and others were 15.

We previously spoke to Instagram model and influencer, Elizabeth Ruiz on Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED who revealed that Nygard pays women to s*** on him at his private island. She admitted that she had hung out with him, he even paid her but, she did not take part in the s*****.

According to the Daily Mail, one victim said that “Nygard offered her $5,000 prior to raping her, and later offered her $10,000 to defecate in his mouth.”

The women are not identified in the lawsuit “to protect their identities because of the sensitive and highly personal nature of this matter.”

According to the suit, Nygard and his associates “recruited, lured and enticed young, impressionable and often impoverished children and women, with cash payments and false promises of lucrative modeling opportunities to assault, rape and sodomize them.”

A rep for Nygard told the New York Post that the allegations are “the latest in a 10+ year string of attempts to try to destroy the reputation of a man through false statements.”

“The allegations are completely false, without foundation and are vigorously denied,’  Ken Frydman said in a statement. Peter Nygard looks forward to fully exposing this scam and once and for all clearing his name.”

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