No Black Box Found Inside Kobe Bryant Helicopter Wreckage

Written by Alyssa Brook January 27, 2020
Photo Credit: ABC NEWS

No Black Box Found Inside Kobe Bryant Helicopter Wreckage

According to the NTSB, the helicopter that Kobe Bryant was in was not equipped with a ‘black box’ recording device which would detail the moments leading up to the deadly crash.

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The black box is a vital piece of evidence that records everything an aircraft does up until the moment of a crash, including evidence that suggests what led to the accident.

Apparently, this type of helicopter did not require a black box because it had an iPad that would aid the pilot with weather updates and alerts.

NTSB Board Member, Jennifer Homendy said that the final transmission from the pilot of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter said he was climbing to avoid cloud layer. They believe the pilot became disorientated due to the fog.

In addition, the pilot’s history, the chopper’s maintenance and the records of its owner and operator will be investigated.

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