HU Exclusive: A Night In Harleywood For The Release Of “Birds Of Prey”

Written by Alexyz Liggins January 26, 2020
Photo Credit: Instagram

Atlantic recently celebrated the upcoming release of their soundtrack with Doja Cat for the all new “Birds Of Prey”!

Warner Bros. Pictures and Atlantic hosted a major party to celebrate the release of the new movie and soundtrack for “Birds of Prey” starting Harley Quinn.

The night was filled with some of the biggest Harley fans who got to experience what a day in “Harleywood” would feel like.

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With Atlantic producing the epic soundtrack, the event also brought out some major musical guests.

Charlotte Lawrence took the stage to perform a few songs including one from the soundtrack “Joke’s on You.”

Meg Thee Stallion was also at the party, although she did not perform any songs, she is also featured on the soundtrack alongside Normani for their song “Diamonds.”

To cap off the night, fans welcomed Doja Cat to the stage who was dressed in her version of a Harley Quinn look.

Doja performed some of her hit songs like “Juicy.” She also performed her new song for the soundtrack of the movie “Boss B***h.”

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Other major names on the soundtrack include Saweetie, Halsey, Summer Walker, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

Birds of prey the movie is set to hit theaters on Friday, February 6th with Atlantic records slated to release the soundtrack on February 7, 2020.