Fortnite Just Officially Became A High School And College Sport

Written by Kecia Gayle January 25, 2020
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Fortnite Just Officially Became A High School And College Sport

#Socialites, check this out! Fortnite, one of the world’s most popular games, will now be an official high school and college sport, all thanks to an LA-based startup called PlayVS.

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Apparently, PlayVS, which is a software company that provides leagues, scheduling, and infrastructure for high school esports in America – partnered with Epic Games to bring competitive league play to the collegiate and high school level. This also marks PlayVS’s entry into colleges and universities.

So how will this work? Well, according to the site, schools will be placed in conferences based on where they’re located and compete with other schools in the neighborhood. The teams will be made up of two players, Duos. The players must compete on a campus with a coach, and can use any device they’d like. It was said that the first official season is set to start on March 2. Registration is open until February 17 for high schoolers and February 26 for colleges. The team who snags the most wins by the end of the season will head to the playoffs, and the championship will take place in May.

“Millions of people are already playing Fortnite – it’s become a part of a culture.” Delane Parnell, founder, and CEO of PlayVS, said in a statement. “We hope adding the title to our game lineup and expanding platform access to colleges inspires the gamer in everyone to get involved in their school’s programs. Epic’s been an instrumental partner in our mission to create a scalable program with no limitations on participation, and we look forward to working with additional publishers to power our college programs,” he continued.

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