Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED: Bentley The Goat Opens Up About Hanging With Rappers And His Rise To Instafame

Written by Alyssa Brook April 25, 2018

This week Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED is back for a wild episode, as our favorite hosts, Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford are joined by Tonioskits and Bentley the goat! Don’t worry Gio will be back!

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This week things get a little wild and unusual as a goat is seen wondering around the studio, now we can’t pass up the opportunity to find out why, and the goat becomes our new guest!

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Enter Bentley the goat and his owner Coldgamekelv, who is known for his wild videos with multiple different animals, including his famous deer videos. Kelvin opens up about the Instagram world and how he gained up to a million followers with his wild-life.

Bentley has quite the clout right now, being spotted with multiple rappers, he definitely didn’t shy away from his UNCENSORED interview. We caught him chewing, peeing, and falling asleep in the studio, he might have been wilder than Boonk!

You CAN’T miss this episode! Press Play above to see how wild this episode gets and you never know what animal we might interview next….