Pilot Charged With Criminal Mischief After Writing Racist Graffiti In Bathroom

Written by Deja Monet January 20, 2020
Photo Credit: CNN

A commercial pilot was charged with criminal mischief after writing racist and pro-Trump graffiti at an airport bathroom in Tallahassee, Florida.

According to CNN, former Endeavor Air employee James Ellis Dees was charged with nine counts of criminal mischief after he confessed to writing racial slurs against African-Americans and Hispanics in the airport’s bathrooms and a parking lot elevator. Dees was approached by airport police about the graffiti earlier this month after they were able to identify him based on surveillance footage from the elevator’s camera. He told police that he was “going through a really rough time” and had anger issues.

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Additionally, Dees stated that he was not in the ‘right state of mind to fly a plane’ then left the airport terminal after writing the graffiti.

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During his court hearing, Dees pleaded not guilty to the charges and waived his arraignment. A spokesperson for Delta confirmed that he was no longer working for Endeavor, a partner of Delta Airlines.

“These actions in no way reflect the values of Endeavor Air, and this individual is no longer employed by the airline,”

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