Jordyn Woods Snaps After Criticized For Workout Post At Kobe Bryant Gym

Written by Ariela Anís February 11, 2020
Jordyn Woods Snaps After Criticized For Workout Post At Kobe Bryant Gym

While she’s previously took us on her fitness journey, Jordyn Woods updated fans yesterday (Feb. 10) that she’s back on her workout grind, posting a video of her routine at Kobe Bryant‘s Mamba Sports Academy.

Although the post was meant to be inspirational, some fans took to the comments to call Jordy out about her seemingly clout chasing, by posting from the late and legendary NBA baller’s gym.

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The critic wrote, “This seems very clout-ish. Mamba Sports Academy? Since when…?” Coming to her defense, a friend responded, “I’ve been going to Mamba for a few months now and I asked her if she wanted to go with me this morning. Relax. it’s an amazing facility.” To which Jordyn added, “facts.. happy you took me it’s so nice. People just have anything to say.”

Jordyn’s recent visit to the Academy arrives just weeks after the tragic helicopter crash that took the life of Bryant, his daughter Gianna, her two basketball teammates, their parents and the pilot.

Take a look at the comments below and Jordyn’s post after – Is she clout chasing? Let us know in the comments below!

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In addition to her recent motivational post, Jordyn’s been working on her fitness brand, which she plugged in the post’s caption, FRSTPLACE.

The brand’s website hosts: workout guides, with Jordyn demonstrating; and a shop for all things fitness, like resistance bands, and more.