HU Exclusive: Mohamad Ali Talks His About Journey Into Music

Written by Alexyz Liggins December 26, 2019

Hollywood unlocked recently sat down with up and coming artist Mohamed Ali to talk about his break in the music business.

Mohamed Ali who likes to go by Ali is breaking into the music business after finding his passion at a young age.

Ali shared that the love for music came at a young age having been in and out of the legal system as a teen, music was his way to cope.

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Being a Dearborn Michigan native, born to immigrant Lebanese parents and raised in the Muslim Faith, Ali says that a lot of his inspiration also comes from his life.

Ali shared that being raised in the Muslim community did create conflict when he decided to venture into music. Despite having a passion for the industry at a young age, his faith held him back on taking the steps to peruse his dream.

“I woke up one day was like yo, this ain’t the life I wanna live” Ali shared in regards to his culture and family life holding him back.

“I’m going after my dreams, busk up my businesses and self-fund this.”

When it comes to his genes of music, Ali would be put in the multi-genre category which is a contributing factor in his decision to not release a single as a new artist, but a whole project.

“I don’t want to drop a single that is on the pop vibe and gain a pop fan base and be stuck in that lane.”

For his project, Ali got the opportunity to work with record production and songwriting duo Cool & Dre along with producer Dre Butterz which he says was an amazing experience.

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As of now, Ali says on January 24, fans can expect something from him. His goal is that by June of 2020 he wants his project to go platinum. Take a look at our full interview below and let us know what you think in the Yappa comments.