Caretaker Arrested In Connection To Developmentally Disabled Teen’s Death

Written by Deja Monet January 18, 2020
Photo Credit: CBS Sacramento/Elk Grove Police

A California man was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to a developmentally disabled teen’s death on Tuesday.

According to Metro UK, 18-year-old Alexander Sanchez was found unresponsive at the United Living Care Home in Elk Grove on December 26. The young man was rushed to a local hospital and staff contacted authorities to inform them that Sanchez had visible shoe marks on his face. Doctors declared him brain dead on Dec.28 and he was taken off of life support three days later.

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Elk Grove Police reported that caretaker Aaron Gacilan and Sanchez got into a physical altercation but ended when Gacilan kicked the teen repeatedly in the head until he stopped moving.

‘What we know at this point is that there was an altercation between the two, and so during that altercation, that’s when the caretaker kicked the victim several times in the head,’

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Sanchez’s grandmother, Amy Duarte, said the teen became mentally disabled after being injured in a car accident as a baby. He was placed into the home last year to receive full-time care. The family believes Gacilan should be charged with murder instead of involuntary manslaughter.

‘They’re saying it was involuntary manslaughter. I don’t see how it could be manslaughter. There’s nothing to justify the treatment, especially as trained as they are,’

The center is operated by Gacilan’s family and he served as an administrative CEO. He is currently being held on a $250,00o bond but a court date has not been listed.

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