White Customer Attacks Black McDonald’s Employee In Viral Video

Written by Deja Monet January 2, 2019

A Florida man was arrested after cell phone footage recorded him assaulting a female McDonald’s employee in St.Petersburg.

Newsweek reports Daniel Willis Taylor,40, was apprehended after he grabbed Mcdonald’s employee Yasmine James over the counter on New Year’s Eve. The assault was recorded on a witness’s cell phone and shows James striking Taylor several times after he grabbed her by the collar. The fight was originally posted by TJ Biandudi on his Facebook page Tuesday and the caption reads that the fight initially started over a straw.

“My mom and sis Kinie Biandudi recorded this today … 🤦🏽‍♂️😩(All started because he wanted a Straw)#McDonalds
#OverAStraw #StPetersburgFlorida Location:
4595 34th St S, St.Petersburg, FL 33711
#StPetersburgFlorida #McDonalds #overAstraw”

After the employees separate James and Taylor, Taylor demands that James needs to be fired.

“I want her a** fired right now,”

The video sparked outrage as it shows James defending herself without any help from her fellow employees and many believe that her manager should be fired for not defending her against her assailant.

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An arrest affidavit also reported that Taylor assaulted another McDonald’s employee during the argument about a straw. He was charged with two counts of first-degree simple battery and identified by police as a “transient” or homeless person.

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Watch the clip below and let us know what would you do in this situation.