White Campground Employee Fired For Pulling Gun On Black Couple

Written by Alyssa Brook May 30, 2019

White Campground Employee Fired For Pulling Gun On Black Couple 

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A Mississippi campground has fired a white employee for pulling a gun on a black couple who were trying to find a picnic spot.

WCBI reports that Franklin and Jessica Richardson said they were searching for a picnic spot at Oktibbeha County Lake when a woman wearing a yellow Kampgrounds shirt asked them to leave because they apparently didn’t have a reservation.

The entire ordeal was captured on video and Jessica believes it was highly racist.

“This lady literally just pulled a gun because we out here and didn’t have reservations for a lake we didn’t even know we had to have reservations for,” Jessica said in the video. “The only thing you had to do was tell us to leave, we would have left, you did not have to pull a gun.”

The video then shows the woman ask the couple to leave before returning her gun back into her pocket.

“Well I’m just telling you you need to leave because it’s under private ownership,” she said. “You can’t be out here.”

The couple said as they left the grounds, they ran into another employee who ironically happened to be the woman’s husband, and he revealed that they did not need a reservation to be at the lake.

Kampgrounds of America said it has since fired the employee involved.

“The incident involved a campground employee and two persons seeking to access a lake via the campground’s private property. Unfortunately, the campground employee felt it necessary to display a firearm during the interaction with the two individuals and their dog,” the company said in a statement.

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