Viral Dancer Arrested For Twerking On Moving Car

Written by Kecia Gayle October 11, 2019
Photo Credit: TMZ

Viral Dancer Arrested For Twerking On Moving Car

#Socialites, do you remember the woman who let loose on top of a moving car in Tennessee? Well, the viral twerking machine has found herself in handcuffs after being arrested Friday morning.

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According to TMZ, the woman identified as Myscellent Shelton-Cox was booked into a Nashville jail on one charge of disorderly conduct.

The video that has been circulating all over the internet shows the 23-year-old twerking and doing splits on the roof of a silver Ford Mustang as it cruises down a residential street in the Nashville area. While it looked pretty dangerous, last month, the woman admitted in an interview with a local TV news station that it wasn’t her first time dancing atop a moving car!

So what was the reason?

Well, Myscellent explained she and the driver were sitting in traffic for half an hour, waiting on a train to go by, when she decided to entertain the other commuters. According to court docs, “The defendant was unrestrained and her actions were causing other motorists to divert their attention.”

They go on, “The defendant caused undue hazard to other motorists whereby she could have fallen and been struck by other vehicles in the area or her own vehicle,” TMZ notes.

The news site reports that she has been bailed out of jail.

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Woman Twerking on Moving Car Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

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