Video Shows California Couple Brutally Attacked Outside Home

Written by Alyssa Brook July 25, 2019
Photo Credit: Fox News

Video Shows California Couple Brutally Attacked Outside Home 

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A California couple was brutally attacked by a gang of youths while they were taking their trash out this weekend.

The Stockton Police Department shared a video of the incident on Facebook. You can see a woman being kicked and punched around her head and face numerous times.

“If you look at the video, there’s about four to five people, both males and females,” Stockton Police rep Joe Silva told FOX40. “And we believe that they possibly are known to that neighborhood.”

The couple, who prefer to not be identified, said the incident ensued after they asked the group of teens to leave their area of the property.

The woman was punched and she was left covered in blood. After the attack, she was treated at a local hospital.

According to the police, 4 to 5 male and female suspects can be seen in the video. They are offering a $10,000 reward for any information on the suspects.

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