Trump Administration Denies U.S. Embassies Request To Fly Pride Flag

Written by Alyssa Brook June 8, 2019
Photo Credit: Patrickdevries3000/Flickr

Trump Administration Denies U.S. Embassies Request To Fly Pride Flag

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The Trump administration has allegedly denied numerous request by U.S. embassies’ to fly the rainbow pride flag in during pride month.

NBC News reports that the U.S. embassies in Germany, Israel, Brazil and Latvia had asked the State Department if they could fly the rainbow flag on their flagpoles in honor of the LGBTQ community, but, their request was denied.

When the Berlin office asked if they could fly the flag, “an email was sent back from State’s Management office, saying no. Denied,” according to a state department official. The denials are surprising as Donald Trump recently advocated for the LGBTQ community in a tweet.

“The President’s recognition of Pride Month and his tweet encouraging our decriminalization campaign gives me even more pride to once again march in the Berlin Pride parade, hang a huge banner on the side of the Embassy recognizing our pride, host multiple events at the Embassy and the residence, and fly the gay pride flag,” Richard Grenell, the U.S ambassador to Germany said.

During the Obama administration, the government allowed embassies to fly the pride flag during pride month. However, this year, embassies have been told they can place the flag everywhere else, but, to have it on the pole they must seek approval. As of now, no approvals have been granted.

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