Texas Man Sentenced To Death In China

Written by Alyssa Brook May 2, 2019
Photo Credit: Facebook

Texas Man Sentenced To Death In China

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A man from Houston, Texas has been sentenced to death in China after allegedly being involved in a drug trafficking scheme.

The death sentence comes after he spent six years in a Chinese prison.

KTRK reports that that Mark Swidan, who is an artist has been imprisoned since 2012. The ruling was passed down on Tuesday by Guangdong Province Jiangmen Intermediate People’s Court.

“The number of drugs sold and manufactured was extremely large. The crimes were extremely serious,” said a statement from the court. However, reps for Mark state that there had never been any evidence of his involvement with drugs.

A U.S. State Department official said that they “have been providing all appropriate consular services.”

“We have visited him monthly since his arrest and will continue to visit regularly,” the State Department official told ABC News.

His mother, Katherine Swidan said she is extremely shocked,

“I haven’t slept, just not believing this,”

Apparently, drugs were discovered on Mark’s driver and interpreter, but, none on Mark or in his room. His death sentence may change to life in prison.

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