Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Former Bodyguard Gets Lighter Sentence Due To Colostomy Bag

Written by Alexyz Liggins August 15, 2019
Photo Credit: Instagram

The judge in the Tekashi 6ix9ine case is showing some sympathy for the rappers former bodyguard as he gives him a lesser sentence due to injury!

Faheem Walter, who goes by Super troll is the former bodyguard of Tekashi 6ix9ine and was granted a lighter sentence due to a gunshot injury that left him with a colostomy bag.

On wednesday, Judge Engelmeyer said that Walter had already gone through enough punishment having to have the colostomy bag for the rest of his life. The waste bag comes after Walter was shot in the stomach.

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The judge feels that Walter’s experience with guns should be enough to scare him away from using them moving forward.

Initially, Walter’s sentence was 68-74 months in prison, but the judge feeling sorry for him resulted in a 62-month sentence just over the mandatory minimum of 60 months.

This decision came after the defense attorney asked the judge to be lenient due to a sitation that happened in the prison.

Walter’s attorney says that his client suffered a situation where he was not able to change his colostomy bag during a blackout back in February. He explained how the bodyguard was even covered in his own feces during the power outage.

“He was at the MDC during the blackout. He sat in the dark for days and days and days, and couldn’t change his colostomy bag…he sat there in the dark and the cold with feces all over his body.”

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During the court proceedings, Walter says “He wishes he never met Mr. Hernandez.” He also shared a statment saying that he;

“would like to apologize to any victims in this case, whether it’s my wrongdoing or my co-defendants’ wrongdoing.”

Prosecutors said they believed that Walker wouldn’t be able to commit similar crimes due to his injury and the judge agreed.