Teacher Tells Hispanic Student “Go Back To Your Country” For Not Standing During National Anthem

Written by Deja Monet February 14, 2020

A Chicago teacher is facing backlash after he told a Hispanic student to go back to her country when she didn’t stand during the National Anthem at an assembly.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred last month at Nicholas Senn High School where the teacher told 17-year-old Yesica Salazar to return to her country, Salazar is a United States citizen. Before making the remark, the teacher asked her if her legs were broken since she didn’t stand up.

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Salazar and her classmates performed a sit-in at the school on Wednesday in response to the school’s lack of effort to address the teacher’s racist remark. The teacher’s identity has yet to be revealed but sources on social media say it was a gym teacher who made the remark towards Salazar.

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‘I felt very offended because my parents have fought hard to be part of this country,’

The Chicago Public School District released a statement stating an investigation has been launched after several of their students have demanded the termination of the racist teacher.

‘CPS is committed to fostering learning environments that embrace and support all students, and the alleged actions of the teacher in question run counter to our beliefs and priorities,’