Subway Manager Fired For Denying Black Teen A Job

Written by Kecia Gayle June 5, 2019
Photo Credit: ABC Houston

Subway Manager Fired For Denying Black Teen A Job

A Subway manager who tried kicked a black teen to the curb after she applied for a job, has now been let go of his duties after it was revealed he didn’t hire her simply because she is black.

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According to ABC Houston, text messages between the manager and his employee reveal that he didn’t want to hire Katelyn Simmons because he didn’t “want those people in our store lol.” The full text message read,

“Girl brought in her application. I’m leaving it on the table for you tomorrow,” the employee wrote. The manager then asked how Simmons looked. “Black girl long dark hair. Shortish,” the employee replied. That’s when the conversation turned racist, with the manager writing back, “Oh no thanks. I don’t want those people in our store lol.”

The shocked employee, who is actually friends with Simmons took a screenshot of the conversation and sent it to her, who then told Fox 26 Houston she was “appalled and disturbed” by the blatant discrimination.

“It’s the 21st century and there’s still people so bold and open about it like that,” Simmons said. Simmons also shared the text messages on Facebook. “I am a 17 year old girl who is academically exceptional and extremely involved and it hurts me to be facing racism today,” she wrote.

In response in response to the incident, Subway shared a statement through Yahoo Lifestyle:

“The manager of this location was immediately terminated for her actions. The Franchise Owner has reached out to the young woman who applied for the position to apologize and encourage her to consider re-applying. The former-manager’s actions do not reflect the openness and values shown by Subway® Franchise Owners and their staffs. The Subway brand and its independent Franchise Owners are inclusive and welcome all individuals to be part of the Subway restaurant teams.”

Simmons’ mother said she didn’t feel the statement was a sincere apology,

“The franchise owner] just assumed again because we were African American that there was going to be some type of violent response to that,” Tamika said. “There was no apology. There was no, ‘We support you guys. We want you to consider being on our team.’ There was none of that,” added Simmons.

However, Simmons’ story got a the attention of a few companies and now the teen is expected to start working at one of them, a wellness boutique called Quench IV Studio, in a few days.

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