Student With Autism Leaves School And Gets Hit By A Car

Written by Deja Monet August 31, 2019
Photo Credit: RTV6

An Indianapolis boy with autism was hit by a car after he left his school Monday afternoon.

According to Fox 6, Pearl Barnett wants answers after her son, Frank, 7, was hit by a car after leaving Stephen Foster School 67 on his own during dismissal. His Individualized Education Plan specifically indicates that he is not allowed to be left alone during the school day.

“They failed me and my child, severely. My son could’ve been killed. This is a mother’s worst nightmare. Because, unfortunately, he’s nonverbal. He can’t speak for himself.”

Barnett added that Frank sustained a concussion, bruises from head-to-toe, and received 50 stitches.

“I got in the ambulance, and he had a gauge here where his skull was actually showing. And a busted chin. I mean he was just covered in blood.”

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She says Frank takes a school bus to and from school and is not allowed to be on his own. The concerned parent feels the school failed to protect and supervise Frank to prevent accidents like this.

“He gets curb to curb service due to autism. And when he gets in one of those moods, depending on what happened at that time of the incident, he runs. And they’re all aware of this. It’s stated in his IEP which I do have that he should never be left unattended. He’s always got to be with another adult which he was not.”

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A school official said in a statement that Frank ran away from a staff member and left on his own but an official statement from the school district has not been released.

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