Prankster Banned From Youtube For Five Years After Feeding Homeless Man Toothpaste Filled Oreos

Written by Deja Monet May 31, 2019

A famous Youtube prankster from Spain is banned from the platform after he fed a homeless man toothpaste-filled Oreos.

Newsweek reports 21-year-old Kanghua Ren, the founder of his channel ReSet, was sentenced by a judge that he is banned from using YouTube for five years due to a prank he recorded in 2017. In the video, Ren filmed himself filling Oreo cookies with toothpaste and repackaging them. Afterward, he gave the cookies to a homeless man named Gheorge L., 52, and commented that the prank will help him clean his teeth.

The incident caused Gheorge to vomit and Ren proceeded to make more videos to further humiliate him. Although he will not serve time for the prank, the judge ordered Ren to pay $22,305 to Gheorge for causing “physical suffering.”

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Ren claimed during court that the videos were just a part of a series where he created “challenges”. His channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and his recent video was uploaded on May 21.

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He is also ordered to delete his YouTube channel and he can’t create a new one for the next five years as per the judge’s ruling.