Nicolas Cage Files for Annulment Just 4 Days After Marrying Girlfriend

Written by Alexyz Liggins March 28, 2019

Nicolas Cage is a free man just 4 days after marrying her girlfriend in Las Vegas.

Looks like the married like was not for Nicolas Cage as he files for an annulment just 4 days after saying his I do’s.

Cage who married Erika Koike in Las Vegas got his married and received their marriage certificate the same day.

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While there is no real answer as to why he filed for the annulment, this is not his first walk down the aisle.

Back in 1995, Cage married his first wife actress Patricia Arquette alter getting a divorce in 2001.

That was followed up with a brief marriage to Lisa Marie Presley in August 2002 which only lasted until November of the same year. Their divorce was not finalized until 2004.

He also married Alice Kim in 2004 welcoming their son Kal-El. They separated in January of 1026 after 12 years of marriage.

However, despite his longest marriage ending, he said that they would stay friends.


“Oh yes, I want to. She was quite young when I married her and I don’t really have any ill will towards what happened. That’s all I’ll say.”

“And now it’s like, wow, I’m 54 and I’m single again, I didn’t see that coming!” he added. “It’s pretty grim.”