Mother Forced To Give Birth On Sidewalk Due To Ambulance Fuel Shortage In Brazil

Written by Deja Monet October 12, 2019
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

A Brazilian mother was forced to give birth on a sidewalk after an ambulance was delayed for three hours due to fuel shortages in Rio de Janeiro.

According to G1 News, Dhassyla Pineheiro da Silva went into labor Thursday and waited for an ambulance to take her to a nearby hospital. When the vehicle didn’t arrive, Pineheiro da Silva and her husband walked to an area to meet the ambulance outside of their neighborhood. Hours after waiting and dealing with contractions, Pineheiro da Silva delivered her baby on the sidewalk.

Two brothers who were walking by the scene, Fernando Vincler dos Santos and Jean Carlos dos Santos, helped the couple deliver their baby girl.

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The coupled named their 18-pound baby girl Merlin and an ambulance showed up to the area so Pineheiro da Silva and her daughter could receive medical attention. A statement from the Carioca Stork Program said the ambulance was running late due to a fuel shortage. The shortage has been affecting areas in Rio de Janeiro since hospitals do not have the money to supply more fuel.

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‘When it comes time to supply the ambulance [with fuel], the agency calls, sends the ambulance team to a certain place where there is a city employee with cash … and he makes the payment’

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