Meet the Michigan Content Creator Who’s Going Viral With His Grammar Videos

Written by Alyssa Brook August 20, 2019

Meet the Michigan Content Creator Who’s Going Viral With His Grammar Videos

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Meet Terrell Wade (@TheWadeEmpire), a content creator from Michigan whose funny and educational posts are making him a rising star. He also is one of the best-dressed content creators out there with the majority of his posts featuring him in a suit.

Within @TheWadeEmpire’s post, his ‘Learn the Difference’ series of rants, explains the correct way to use some of the most common issues in grammar.

He first reached viral status with his There/Their/They’re post hilariously explaining the differences between the 3 words with some very blunt examples. Since then he has covered over 30 grammar pet peeves. Not to mention the viral office meme of him floating around which has been reposted by celebs like Lil Duval!

In addition, his work has been featured on accounts such as WorldStar, Hollywood Unlocked, Lil Duval, & Datpiff.

Wade adds that,

  “My Learn the Difference videos started off as just a video I did for fun just to touch on something that was relatable to a lot of people. I tried to put a serious but funny spin on it and turns out that people love it. You can’t go wrong with content that’s funny and somewhat educational so I ran with it. I do tons of other Instagram videos but these are what I am most known for.”

Terrell aspires for great things and wants his talents on social media to lead him to do more professional style videos, creative writing, and acting.

Check out some of his posts below!



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