Maryland Teacher Arrested After Fighting With A Student

Written by Kecia Gayle November 18, 2019
Photo Credit: Maryland Police Department

Maryland Teacher Arrested After Fighting With A Student

A brutal fight between a teacher and a student was recently captured on video and shared to the internet, leaving a community and social media shocked and with a many questions.

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According to CNN, the brawl happened at Largo High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. In the video footage obtained by CNN affiliate WJLA appears to show a student bumping into Vivian Noirie, 36 before the teacher repeatedly hits the girl and kicks her. Other students get involved and pull the two apart but things get even worse, with the student dragging and hitting Noirie.

Eventually, the two were separated and the teacher was taken out of the room. Apparently, the fight started because the student was upset that the teacher called her parents the night before and decided to confront the teacher about it, police said. Prince George’s County Chief of Police Hank Stawinski called the incident “very, very disturbing” and it was reported that Noirie was arrested Friday and now faces charges of physical child abuse and second-degree assault. The female student, a 17-year-old senior, may face juvenile charges, as well.

“I am extremely disappointed by the horrific actions that took place in our classroom today,” said Monica Goldson, CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools. “It’s important to know that we have set high expectations and standards for our staff and students, and what you saw on that video does not represent the hard work that over 10,000 teachers do every single day.”

It was not clear what injuries both the student and teacher suffered from as a result of the fight.

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