Man Who Was Gored By Bison Watches His Date Get Attacked In The Same Park

Written by Deja Monet September 30, 2019
Photo Credit: FOX 13

A Utah man who was gored by a bison three months ago takes his date to the same area and experiences another attack. This time, the animal attacks his date.

According to FOX 13, Kayleigh Davis and Kyle Bourgeous were running on a trail in Antelope Island State Park last Friday when they were approached by a bison. Davis says the animal approached her and Bourgeous after getting out of the way of some bikers.

“I was kind of scared that people can approach them, and they don’t get hurt and then I am actively avoiding it and I get hurt. The four bikers pass me and then all of a sudden, I see the bison charging me,”

David started running towards a lake to avoid the bison but knew she couldn’t outrun it for long. Afterward, the animal launches towards her and she went up in the air.

“While I was up in the air, I was like, ‘Am I going to hit my head or my back? I don’t know.’ I was scared,”

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She sustained a compound ankle fracture and was gored in the thigh by the bison. Davis said she knew to stay still because Bourgeous suffered from the same experience in June.

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They met online and started dating and found the attack humorous because they did not expect the attack to happen.

“I am kind of laughing about it because when I think about it, I feel nauseous — it hurts so bad to see it happen to somebody knowing how much it hurts,”

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