Man Wears Blackface To Court Because He Says Cops Treated Him ‘Like A Black Man’

Written by Kecia Gayle July 2, 2019
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Man Wears Blackface To Court Because He Says Cops Treated Him ‘Like A Black Man’

A man convicted of attacking three people in a road-rage incident back in 2016 showed up to court Monday in Hawaii with an interesting look. Mark Char, 60, sat down in court with his face colored in with black marker during his sentencing hearing for attempted murder and assault. Why? well according to him,

“The reason why I’m like this is because I prepared myself to play my part in your kangaroo court, treating me like a black man, so today I’m gonna be a black man,” Char told the judge according to KITV.

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Char argued that the only reason why he attacked three people with a knife and pepper spray along an Oahu freeway in August 2016 was in self-defense. However, a jury found Char guilty in the attack, which almost killed one man, Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported.

While trying to prove his point, Char added,

“Now this kangaroo court is trying to give me a life sentence for me trying to protect and defend myself against the attack from three guys ― in essence, treating me like a black man.”

Apparently, his little move made things worse for his situation. Judge Todd Eddins said the blackface rant “continues a pattern of disruptive behavior designed to undermine the administration of justice.” He later sentenced Char to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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