Man Throws Milk At NYPD Officer At Scene Of Fire

Written by Alyssa Brook September 5, 2019
Photo Credit: Crime stoppers

Man Throws Milk At NYPD Officer At Scene Of Fire

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A man threw a carton of milk at officers who were evacuating a fire at a Bronx apartment building. This latest incident comes after numeorus other occasions where officer’s were hit with a bucket of water.

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association tweeted a message in regards to the officer’s that it represents.

“It is becoming impossible to do our job, even in emergencies. At a fire scene, we have to clear the area so that FDNY can contain the fire and prevent loss of life. This crowd didn’t care: they wanted to fight the cops who were there to help,” the union tweeted. “Thankfully everybody made it out, but our leaders need to wake up: if they keep encouraging cop-hatred & interference with our duties, LIVES WILL BE LOST because we couldn’t do our job.”

PIX 11 reports that police have asked for help identifying the milk bandit. He is reported to be 25 to 30 years old and around 140lbs.

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