Man Shoots Two People After Argument On Whether Chevy Or Ford Is Better

Written by Alyssa Brook May 1, 2019

Man Shoots Two People After Argument On Whether Chevy Or Ford Is Better

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An argument over whether Chevy or Ford was better escalated into a shooting!

Mark Edwin Turner, 56, has been charged with felony malicious wounding, use of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon after an argument broke out during a pre-Easter dinner with him and his girlfriend’s son about whether Chevy or Ford is better.

According to WSET TV, Bedford County Attorney Wes Nance said, “The allegation is that there was alcohol involved and a dispute began against Logan bailey, the son of the girlfriend, and Mr. Turner about what type of vehicle is best. Chevy vs. Ford.”

During the argument, Turner pulled out a knife and his girlfriend tried to get between him and her son.

“The evidence would be that Mr. Turner got so upset that he brandished a knife, that Ms. Bailey got between Mr. Turner, and Ms. Bailey and was actually struck with the knife causing about a six-inch injury,” Nance added.

Turner then went back inside and came out with his gun, he shot both his girlfriend and her son. They suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

When police arrived they searched the house and found evidence of drugs. Turner was eventually arrested and is currently in custody.