Man Rushed To Hospital After He Shoots His Own Penis

Written by Alyssa Brook May 5, 2019
Photo Credit: MIRROR

Man Rushed To Hospital After He Shoots His Own Penis

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Talk about an awkward injury! A man from Lincoln, Nebraska was taken to hospital after he accidentally shot himself in the penis.

The Mirror reports that Peter Jacobsson claimed that his .22-caliber gun dropped out of his pocket, hit the ground and fired into his penis while he was walking on a busy street.

The 32-year-old was treated in hospital for his horrific injuries and he remains there until further notice. Fortunately, they were non-life-threatening injuries and he did not have to get it amputated.

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Luke Bonkiewicz with Lincoln Police Department revealed that the shooting happened on Wednesday around 8.45pm near Bryan West Campus. He has been charged with numerous offenses for allowing the firearm to go off.

Police believe the man was just walking when the gun fell out of his pocket. As of now, Jacobsson has been charged on suspicion of discharging a firearm in a public place and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.

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