Man Dies After Accidentally Swallowing A Live Fish

Written by Deja Monet July 5, 2019

A man from the Phillippines died after he accidentally swallowed a live Tilapia fish while fishing with his 11-year-old son on June 29.

According to Coconuts Manila, Roger Marcelino,49, was fishing with his son around 6 am in the Paliwan River near his home at Sitio Dam, Tagudtud South. Bugasong Police reported that Marcelino’s wife explained how her husband would usually put the fish he catches in his mouth so it wouldn’t get away while he catches more fish. After the incident, Marcelino ran to his home for help due to the fish being stuck in his throat.

Additionally, police reported that the cell phone signal near the family’s home was weak and it took a moment for emergency medics to arrive at the scene. Upon their arrival, Marcelino felt weak and fainted.

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He was transported to the Bugsaong Medicare Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. The size of the fish that killed Marcelino is currently unknown.

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Tilapia fish can grow between six inches and a foot long. They are commonly found in streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes.

You can learn more about the fish in the video clip below and let us know your thoughts on this story.