Man Arrested For Using Drone To Drop Explosives On Ex-Girlfriend’s Property

Written by Deja Monet September 18, 2019

A Pennsylvania man who was arrested back in June appeared in court for allegedly using a drone to drop explosives onto his ex-girlfriend’s property.

Fox News reports Jason Muzzicato,44, was apprehended by the FBI and local authorities on Washington Township after investigators found several explosive devices inside of his home and business, Bangor Motor Works. Police reported he targeted his ex-girlfriend’s property but also targeted various areas in the township since March. Muzzicato was not charged with detonating the explosives but he is facing charges of knowingly operating an aircraft without registration.

His neighbor, Charles Carcione, witnessed Muzzicato setting off one of the explosive devices and said it was captured on his home surveillance camera.

“One day, I was in the driveway doing something. All of a sudden, I heard them. It rained nails. They came out of the sky. They dropped down from the sky. Nobody was around. Nobody went by and threw them. They dropped from the sky.

The weapons found in Muzzicato’s properties were seven homemade explosives and nine firearms including AR-15 rifles and semi-automatic pistols.

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The Northhampton County resident had a “Protection From Abuse” claim filed against him due to “stalking and threatening an intimate partner.” He was also prohibited from buying or using firearms as told by U.S. Attorney McSwain.

 “For good reasons, federal law prohibits subjects of PFA orders from possessing firearms. Here the defendant’s alleged behavior violated the law and threatened public safety.”

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