Man Accidentally Kills His Wife While Washing Their Car

Written by Deja Monet August 17, 2019
Photo Credit: New York Daily News

A New York man accidentally killed his wife while they were washing their car at a local gas station.

According to the New York Post, Isabel Ramirez-Cohetero,51, and her husband were washing their red Jeep Commander at a gas station in Ridgewood, Queens around 12:15 p.m. Authorities reported that the couple was drying off their car when Cohetero’s husband realized he left the vehicle in reverse.

When he entered the vehicle to stop it, he unexpectedly stepped on the gas instead of the brake and backed the vehicle while his wife was behind the car. Cohetero was transported to the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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Gas station attendant Firoz Khan,51, said Cohetero’s husband was visibly distraught and asked people to call 911 inside of the station’s convenient store.

“A man ran inside crying ‘My wife, my wife, my wife in serious condition. Call the ambulance.’ He kept on repeating ambulance, ambulance, “

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”I went outside and I saw the lady laying on the ground on her back. Her head was to the [fence] and her feet were towards [the store]. I saw them putting her on the stretcher…she was not moving,”

No arrests have been made but police reported an investigation surrounding the incident is ongoing.

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