Lil Xan Believes Fiancée Faked Pregnancy & Miscarriage & Wants Proof

Written by Ariela Anís April 25, 2019
Photo Credit: Photo Source: Instagram
Lil Xan Believes Fiancée Faked Pregnancy & Miscarriage & Wants Proof

After expecting their first child together, a few weeks ago Annie Smith, fiancée to rapper Lil Xan, shared that the couple experienced a miscarriage; and now Xan admits he’s questioning everything.

In addition to his critical fans, Xan initially tells Adam22 of No Jumper“I did not fake a pregnancy. I saw two pregnancy tests with a line that said ‘you’re pregnant,’ but I didn’t watch her pee. And then, I looked up certain sh*t about faking a pregnancy test.”

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He adds, “I’m like 50/50 [if she faked it to keep me with her]. There’s things that are questionable. This is another suspicious thing — I was like, ‘Go down to the hospital because it’s on our street and get the paperwork that — same hospital she went to — get the paperwork saying that you had a miscarriage.’ But she came back saying, ‘Oh I have to do this process and sh*t.’ So I was like, ‘this really gets you thinking.’ I wanna give her the benefit of the doubt. I love Annie to death, but it’s complicated as f*ck right now. We’re in limbo.”

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