LAPD Searching Through Surveillance For Nipsey Hussle Murder Footage

Written by Alyssa Brook April 1, 2019
Photo Credit: INSTAGRAM

LAPD Searching Through Surveillance For Nipsey Hussle Murder Footage

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The public has been waiting for any news or updates on who might be responsible for Nipsey Hussle’s tragic killing.

We can confirm that reports state that the LAPD are currently searching through the surveillance footage surrounding the Marathon Clothing store to see if his murder was caught on tape.

The Blast reports that homicide detectives said that they are currently gathering all evidence, including any video footage that may be available from the scene of the crime.

According to multiple photos of the area where Nipsey was killed, there are more than five cameras placed around the strip mall that is located on Slauson and Crenshaw.

Cameras are located outside of Nipsey’s store and Master Burger next door. Others point towards the parking to where he was shot. Police are scanning through all video for the actual shooting and the actions of the suspect prior to the murder.

Despite, numerous witnesses at the scene, the suspect is still at large with no indication as to who might be responsible.

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