Kim Kardashian Receives Backlash For New “Kimono” Shapewear

Written by Alexyz Liggins June 26, 2019
Photo Credit: Twitter

Kim Kardashian is out here trying to make a difference in the body shaper community. While some are here for the overall concept of her new line, others are not here for the name!

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian-West took to her social media to share her new project “Kimono” that she has been working on.

The project is a collection of shapewear for women that not only comes in different styles but different shades as well.

This is a step in the right direction as Kim took the world’s idea of nude and actually made a variety of nudes for every skin tone so no one feels left out as there are 9 different shades that come in XXS – 4XL.

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She even took it a step further and created pieces that can be worn with literally anything. “Kimono” offers shapewear that can go under dresses and skirts with a slit which she calls the solution short, the classic sculpting bodysuit, and the sculpting mid waist brief and sculpting bra.

However, while the collection sounds and looks amazing, fans are not here for the overall name of the collection.

When you think of a Kimono, many think of the traditional Japanese dress. With the manes being the same but having two completely different looks and meanings, twitter users are sounding off.

BBC News Japanese editor Yuko Kato responded to Kim’s tweet about the release saying;

Kim did not respond, however, we do know that she filed a trademark for the brand’s name in a specific font which left many upset.

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As of now, there seems to be a lot of support over the actual concept of the shapewear due to people like Chrissy Teigen [who is of Thai decent] praising Kim for the innovation of her pieces.

Take a look at her collecton and let us know what you think!